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“MiS Systems 70” Ltd. is a successor to “MiS Systems” Ltd. and is one of the most serious companies in the market for rational systems, warehouse, shopfitting racking systems and refrigerators.
The company was founded in 2005 based in Varna. Initially our activities were warehouse and shopfitting racking systems.
Our company “MiS Systems 70” Ltd. has already implemented over 500 small, medium and large projects on the territory of Bulgaria and convinced the customers in the quality of the products and services.
We represent in Bulgaria one of the leaders in warehouse and shopfitting systems "MARKET RAF” - Turkey, "ROSSS" - Italy, as well as in the refrigerators "Alascold", ''AY-PAS'' - Turkey, "ESSYSTEMK", "IGLOO" - Poland. 
Individual Customer Attitude - Your individual needs and preferences are inspiration for our team of engineers and designers.
Optimal solutions - We offer optimal solutions and competent realization!
High quality - Whether it's a single element or a complete solution, we offer the slightest details.
Quick - Competent - Profitable, A to Z

MiS Systems 70 Ltd.
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• Vladyslav Shevchenko

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